2.   Location: SFS School, Near Sai Baba Temple, TPT Colony, BalayyaSastri Layout Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam – 530013.


3.   Definitions:

               a)     Association: The SFS School Alumni Association.

b)     School: St. Francis De Sales School (SFS School), Seethammadhara, Vizag which has KG to 10th Std.

c)     General Body:General Body of the Members of the Association.

d)     Executive Body: Executive Body consists of elected members.

e)     Alumni: an ex-student who haspassed out from The SFS School and the teaching staff and non-teaching staff .

f)      Financial year: shall be reckoned from 1stApril to 31stMarch of the following year.

4.   Membership Eligibility:

 a)   Must be a former student of SFS School having attended at least 2years of the school in SFS school from 6th std to 10th and for the period of five years from KG to 3rd std or any 3years from 1st std to 5th std.

b)   Must have adequate time to give to the group.

c)   Former and current school teaching staff and non-teaching staff that have been associated with the institute for at least 2 years.

 5.   Cessation of Membership:

 a)   A member of the Association shall cease to be such a member if:

                                              i.    he/she resigns from his/her membership; or

                                              ii.    he/she is of unsound mind; or

                                             iii.    he/she is convicted for any offence involving moral turpitude.

b)   A member can be terminated of the membership by the Executive Committee for compelling reasons.

c)   If arears are pending for more than three years he/she deemed to be cancelled the membership.

 6. Finances and Accounts :

 The Association shall raise funds for pursuing the objectives of the Association through:

 a)   Membership fee from the members

b)   Money donated by the members.

c)   Any other legal source only.

 6.          Fees:

                 a)     An annual membership fee, the amount of which shall be governed by the association and discussed and                         decided each year, is to be paid in order to attain membership into the Association.

b)     If not a part of Association, fee depending on the event must be paid.

c)     The account of the Association shall be maintained along with a selected active teacher of the SFS school, treasurer and the President.

d)     Withdrawals from the funds shall be made only with the resolution passed by the Executive Committee.

e)     In case of any emergency/urgency the president can withdraw upto Rs.50,000/- and shall be ratified within 7 working days by the executive committee.

 7.   Organization of the Association:

            a)   General Body-There shall be a General Body of the Association consisting of all members.

b)   Executive Body-There shall be an Executive body to manage the affairs of the Association and members of the Executive body shall be elected by the General body.

              (i) General Body:

  a)     The General Body of the Association shall hold an Annual General Body Meeting at least once a year and not more than 18 months shall elapse between two successive Annual General Body Meetings.

b)     A notice of clear 15days convening an Annual General Meeting shall be intimated/communicated   to the members through e-mode only.

c)     The Secretary can, upon being requested in writing by the Executive Committee, call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for which at least 7 days’ notice along with agenda shall be circulated to all the members via e-mode.

d)     2/3rdmembers present in person shall form a quorum for any meeting of the General Body. If the meeting is adjourned for want of quorum, the meeting shall again take place after 180 minutes of adjournment to transact the same business and the members present shall form the quorum.


(ii) Duties of the General Body:

 a)     To set guidelines for the Executive Committee so as to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association.

b)     To approve the budget for the following year and approve the expenditure of the previous year.

c)     To approve the Report of the activities of the association.

d)     To elect office bearers and members of the Executive Committee or managing committee.

e)     To approve formation of any sub-committee(s).

f)      To make any proposal to meet the aims and objectives.

  (iii) Executive Committee:

 a)   The Executive Committee shall consist of 10 members only

                       i.    President -1

                      ii.    Vice President -1

                    iii.    Secretary -1

                    IV. Joint Secretary-1

                    v.    Treasurer -1

                     vi.    Members - 5

           b)     All office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected/ nominated from amongst the Members.

c)     The Principal of the school shall be ex-officio President of the Association

d)     Vice President shall be elected amongst the former students.

e)     Secretary shall be elected amongst the current teaching staff.

f)      Joint-secretary shall be elected amongst the former students.

g)     Treasurer shall be elected from amongst the former students

h)     Out of the 2 remaining Executive body members, 1 shall be elected amongst former teaching staff and 1 shall be elected amongst former students.

i)    In the eventuality of any casual vacancy on account of death/resignation/removal of any executive body member, the Executive body will have the power to fill the vacancies for the remaining period of the tenure through a resolution passed at its meeting.

 j)    The term of the executive body shall be for a period of 3 years only.

k)   The Executive body shall meet at least 3 times in a financial year. Prior notice of 7 clear days shall be given to executive body members regarding the meetings. However, in case of emergency(ies), the meetings can be held at shorter notice subject to 2/3rd approval of executive body members.

l)    The quorum of executive body shall be 2/3rd executive body members.


(iv) Responsibilities and duties of the office bearers:


a)     The President shall preside over all the meetings of the General body, Governing body and sub-committees.

b)     He shall have all the powers for the management and promotion of the objectives of the association.

c)     He shall have the right to call for emergency meeting for transaction of the urgent matters if any.

d)     He can approve expenditure to the extent of Rs. 50,000/- at a time in an year subject to ratification by the executive body.


Vice -president:

 The Vice- President shall act as the President, in his absence. He/She shall advise the association regarding management and promotion of the objectives.


 a)     The Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out all correspondence and the maintenance of the records and minutes of the Association.

b)     The Secretary shall attend to all the activities as approved by the Executive body.

c)     He/she shall prepare agendas and minutes of the meetings of General body and executive body in co-ordination with the President.

d)     He/she shall prepare the action taken reports on the decisions of General body and Executive body of the association.

e)     He/she shall look after the day today administration of the association.

f)      He/she shall prepare the Annual Report and circulate the same among the members as per the process prescribed.

g)     He/she shall maintain the register of members and other registers as may be required and update the same from time to time.



a)   Treasurer shall manage all finances of the association with Finance committee.

b)   He/she will collect membership amount, donations, all dues and claims on behalf of the Association.

c)   He/she shall operate the Bank account of the Association jointly with the President/Secretary

d)   He shall maintain the records of income and expenditure and present the report to the general body and governing body.


(v) Records of the Association :

 The following records shall be maintained at the office of the Association. Further, the list is inclusive and additions may be made from time to time in accordance with provisions of Societies Act, 2001:

                 a)   Membership Register

b)   Minutes of the Executive Body Meetings.

c)   Minutes of the General Body Meetings.

d)   Stock Register of non-consumable and consumable items.