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“No school however good, no teacher however well-meaning can hope to achieve anything without the backing and co-operation of a good home”.

1) Parents and guardians are earnestly requested :-
a) To fill in carefully their address and other particulars in the school calender and progress card (P.C.)
b) To take active interest in their children’s progress in studies throughout the school year and not merely just before the final examination.
c) To sign their children’s monthly records, examination reports and give initials to any other remarks in their school calendar as an indication that they have read them and will attend to weakness without delay.
d) To see that their children devote sufficient time to study at home.
e) To see that their children come to school in proper and decent uniform.

2) parents are requested not to approach any teacher of the school for private tuitions.

3) Any communication (Request, complaint, protest) made by parents/ guardians should be addressed to the Head Master and not to the teacher. In such situations mention should be made of the name, class division and Roll No.of students.

4) parents / guardians, and others may not see or Interview the teachers during the school hour without the explicit permission of the head master they may meet the teachers on parents - teachers meeting days.

Please Note: Written permission for the following must be obtained from the Head Master.
1) To make collection for any purpose

2) To arrange meeting, parties, picnics etc.,

3) To leave the school premises during the working hours.

4) To engage private tutor from among the members of the staff.

5) To join any sports-meet, club, organization or to play in a tournament outside the school.

6) To organize and conduct friendly matches in the School Campus.


After the completion of tests and examinations, answer scripts and progress cards will be given to the students. Parents are recommended to meet the teachers after the examinations. Parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents to a student. We highly appreciate and value your suggestions for the improvement and betterment of Teaching Learning process. Real education is result of the team work of children parents, teachers and authorities.


Head Master of the School is normally available to the parents on all working days, in his office between 9.30 10.30 a.m. and 2.30 - 3.30 p.m. Parents are requested to meet class teachers or subjects teachers with the prior permission, preferabily during the breaks. You may meet the Head Master or any other staff members with prior appointment at any time on the working days of the school.