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Welcome to S.F.S. High SCHOOL

Saint Francis De Sales’ (S.F.S.) English Medium School, started in 1974, is managed by the Missionaries of Saint Francis De Sales (M.S.F.S.) a religious congregation of men in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). They are assisted by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated masters and teachers and supporting staff. The school aims at imparting sound education for the integral development of each child who will be an honour for the family, an asset to the country, and glory for the entire mankind. The curricular, co-curricular and extra currucular activities of the school aim at moulding them into worthy citizens of tomorrow’s India and the world community.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Our Mission

★ To Provide a conducive atmosphere for intellectual development.
★ To facilitate conviction - based spiritual formation.
★ To nurture a sense of the Divine and Trascendence.
★ To imbue the virtues of gentleness, compassion and optimism .
★ To impart authentic leadership training.
★ To instill wholesome professional ethics.
★ To encourage sports, games and work experience.
★ To inculcate healthy food habits.
★ To promote environmental consciousness.
★ To extend integral education to all.
★ To foster a caring and humane society meant to promote the marginalized and thus equip the younger generation with the needed skills to become :


Name of the School St. Francis De Sales’ School (S.F.S.) Principal Fr. P. Inna Reddy
Patron St. Francis De Sales’ (S.F.S.) - (1567 -1622) Management Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales (MSFS)
Year of Establishment of M.S.F.S 24th October, 1838 at Annecy, France Year of Establishment of S.F.S. School 24th July, 1974
Status of S.F.S. School Catholic Minority Educational Institution System Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) of A.P
General Manager The Provincial Superior of VisakhapatnamProvince of M.S.F.S. Correspondent Fr. Anand Prakash
Archdiocese Visakhapatnam Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Mallavarapu Prakash
Medium of Instruction English Motto From Darkness to Light